Saturday, March 17, 2018

Blood Drive: Late Review For This One-of-a-Kind 2017 Series

The featured review on IMDb characterizes Blood Drive as a cross between Mad Max and Death Race. In my own words, this series is like going through a car wash that washes your car in blood, then the car dries and you have that caked on brown all over. And did I mention that everybody behind you, in front of you, to the side...everybody is honking at you incessantly. There is a wide range of influences here: Robocop, Motel Hell, The Running ManA Fistful of Dollars (and the others), the crucifixion itself, and probably more. Speaking of more, this series reminds me of the literary movement known as bizarro fiction.

Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson as the lead male white character is plenty charismatic and honorable. Thomas Dominique as the lead male black character is completely brutal and transfixing. Christina Ochoa as the lead female white character offers up bucketfuls of snark, wit, and defiant sexiness, until she's all heart. Then there is the gorgeous Marama Corlett as a super sexy android.

Christina Ochoa

Marama Corlett

Thomas Dominique

Of course, many would say that Colin Cunningham as Julian Slink steals the show with his grinning, wicked, ruthless, ambitious, scheming, seductive, teasing antagonist. His character is full of surprises. To be honest, I thought his character was over the top and annoying at first. However, you come to realize his presence is pitch perfect.

Colin Cunningham

This show needs to be seen to be believed. Diabolical machinery and multitudes of maniacs somehow come together in a surprisingly touching and moral study on the importance of family.

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