Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ride with Norman Reedus Review

I chastise myself for forgetting about this show when I made my television of the year list, which shall be corrected. Ride with Norman Reedus is an unscripted project in which actor and motorcycle enthusiast Norman Reedus, famous for his role on The Walking Dead, rides a different scenic American route each episode with a friend who is always another motorcycle enthusiast.

I read that some people complained about a lack of American bikes in favor of European bikes. If you're like me, then the bikes don't really matter. If there was a shortage of American bikes, there certainly was no shortage of American mechanics and other bike gurus.

However, my primary interest in this show was the scenic travelogue aspect and the cozy atmosphere of friendliness. Along the way, various idiosyncratic diners are explored, so even foodies may get something from the show. That said, my appreciation of biker culture deepened. I was especially impressed by the "Zero Bike" (, which are made in America, and are virtually silent and very smooth to ride. But there were so many more fascinating bike clubs, collectors, and related businesses to learn about.

My favorite episode was probably the first, featuring Pacific Coast Highway, which gave me some home state pride, but I also happened to watch this within a week of my own trip to the Monterey area (complete with some PCH cycling), which made the episode resonate even deeper for me. Furthermore, my passion for an eventual visit to Santa Cruz deepened from Reedus's poetic recounting of his experience there.

I am so happy that this was indeed renewed for a second season.

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