Thursday, May 7, 2015

X-Files: More Truth to Uncover

I reread my last post and realized that I was a total slack-wad!  Posting and submitting my writing prematurely is one of my bad habits!  I've cleaned up the writing and I've added pictures.  Granted, these pictures are readily available on Google but now they are all there for convenient viewing. 

More history.  Actually, the first X-Files I ever saw was the movie, X-Files: Fight the Future.  I was still in high school (before my professor got me interested in the series).  Growing up, I was firmly a movie person.  I didn't become serious about television viewing and collecting until college.  

I'm thinking I might put out a favorite mythology episodes list as well.  That will be a challenge and wouldn't be ready for some time.  However, I think it's an appropriate follow-up.  I'm also thinking  about sharing more of my runners-up episodes, which I found intriguing but invariably disappointing in some way. 

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