Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Where Have You Gone, Allie MacDonald?

Something occurred to me today. It's still only 2010/2011 (with an occasional glimpse of 2013) according to the major search engines when it comes to Allie MacDonald.  Check it out below.


Incidentally, I've never searched for "nude" or "boobs" pictures. Not that I dismiss or don't care about these attributes, but any "Allie MacDonald" picture is tops, no special specifications ever required (or desired). Plus, who in their right mind wants fake nudes?

She is a button-button firecracker in all the above, that's for sure.


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  2. Scott Unfried said...

    Love me or hate me, I'm her top picture pusher on Yahoo/Bing when you search for "Allie MacDonald 2015." Google has her latest IMDb shots. Anybody that thinks I'm no good for her can suck it, hard.