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Knick Knack Paddywhack, Give This Wanker A Wack!

I just got up to the beginning of August 2012 of the Bitches of Kensington archives.  Some moments were beautiful and heartwarming, others were thought provoking, others set me straight about prior misreads, others made me feel cheated that I didn't ACTUALLY come up with that myself (go figure), other things fell into context or gave context, others made me realize how not hip I continue to be, and others were so-so.  And I discovered another Allie singing video, finalleeeeee.  Thank you, Kaela!  Better late than never.  I will expound upon these many many things soon.  Then there's this


I made comments to a post where one of them (probably Kaela, but I really could be wrong) called out all the viewers ("creepers") for viewing but not commenting or clicking on the "like" and so forth.  CREEP TANGENT FURTHER BELOW.  My first comment was a greeting where I acknowledged myself as Scott Unfried (The Same Creep), or did I already misquote myself due to poor memory(?), pointing out that I am almost three years too late for that particular comment to that particular post on a blog that's on big time hiatus/could be worse.  My second comment is that I get the same shit over here except not even my mom's commenting/reading (I don't particularly want that anyways).  However, at Wordpress I may as well be the Talk of the Town, even though I get more viewers here.  I've got me an international significance but I'm probably a wanker/pervert magnet although I hope I've got a good selection of more sophisticated types (we're not talking J.R.R. Tolkien, but, you know, like me-ish). Sometimes, though, you have to be careful what you ask for.  I'm glad I don't receive spam, insults, or any form of insensitivity/abuse.

Okay.  The sucky.  I thought that I came up with the whole honorary BoK thing.  Turns out that I did not (go figure again).  They stole my idea before I even had the chance to originate it myself. Granted, the actual wording that I read was "Queen Bee," which I couldn't have subliminally copied, but not only did they beat me to  the notion: I'm not even tops!  There's a queen honorary out there!  Fucking bee! 

On the other hand, in the spirit of rebuttal and silver linings, this is only more evidence that there is some kind of tethering-gelling-spirit-mates-cosmos-bonding energy between us.  However, where I thought she was responding to my idea, she must have thought I was responding to her/their idea, when in reality we were responding, simultaneously and unwittingly, to each others' independent idea of what's cute and cool and clever on the Bitches of Kensington (one idea that is very much all them).

I would like to say that I have knowingly incorporated some of their voice into my blog, especially Kaela's.  However, I recognize the occasional Allie-isms.  Then again, how many Allie-isms are really just transferred Kaela-isms?  Furthermore, they probably picked up most of their verbal stylings elsewhere anyhow.  Reclaim the responsibility.  And then I must restate that their voices have influenced this blog, specifically the sass, sarcasm, and general sense of mixed emotions being expressed with mixed messages.  Ultimately, much of my pre-BoK voice is still very much here.  I had a whole education and life before, as hard as it is to believe. 

On another note, while I reread my shit and edit it because I love it so much, they kind of just let it go.  Hence, I don't feel as bad now when I publish typographical errors because they have more than their fair share.  Hey, it's gritty and it's authentic and typos don't get in the way of their likability, and I hope someone out there would say the same about me.    

AWKS (An Allie/Kaela-ism and who knows who else?): Sisters (not really).  Yeah, I misread something in past skims and published false comments based on this misreading.  Sisters in spirit, right?  I'm right even when I'm wrong.  Nevertheless...

CREEP TANGENT:  Okay, they wanted more comments because they didn't get enough.  Okay, fast-forward to a few weeks ago when a certain someone (me) was giving a certain other someone (Giselle---no, Allie) far too many comments, then we have a WTF/QUANDARY here.  Of course, it's my whole agenda that I bring with it.  I'm not the harmless fan/admirer who asks for nothing but some sprinkles.  No, I want the cake, the pans, the oven, the power supply, the bitch behind the batter, and as my younger brothers once adorably said when they asked for "too much" food: "I want too much."  I want too much and yet it's just right.  Sometimes the creeps are unwelcome, sometimes you best be careful what you wish for.  Sometimes people think about Charles Bronson, like I just did.  Then they think of Allie and then it's realized that Allie and Bronson are side-by-side in thought, what a far out honor.

Then there was the absolutely delightful and beautiful anecdote that Allie wrote about herself and her friend Angela (including reminiscences) and their excursion would-be surfing.  Then there were the pictures I hadn't seen before.  If you don't go post by post, you miss out on the best pictures, and here I thought I already saw the best...This post also made me think about how much living I haven't done and how I still won't unless there's someone of comparable caliber supporting and sharing the experience.

Speaking of the pictures I saw for the first time, as well as some of the posts, I didn't realize that Allie was the "Creative" (hair, make-up, props, accessories and whatever else (probably backdrop)).  I dig seeing her at work on their various clients.  Yet another alluring side of Allie that I missed.

Speaking of sexy: the semi-nudes.  I think I may have seen some of these before, that's not the point though.  This is the point: they refer to the wankers out there as part of the reason they didn't post full-frontal.  For one thing, I'd bet they both get their wank on.  If not, they SHOULD.  Anyhow, I'm more likely to do the wank thing to images of her in her glasses and her low maintenance outfits and low maintenance hairstyles and in cool things like that fanny pack (BoK fanny pack/visor day) or the Young Drunk Punk fanny pack scene (for that matter).  TMI, I know.  But the subject came up.  All this said, this post was largely about prudish values in today's popular/Western culture and the fight for women to have the right to go topless.  I have plenty of things to say on the sexualization and desualization of bodies, but with complete desexualization we may end, which is maybe the point.  However, all that hard work for rights that won't be passed on to future generation...what a shame.  Then again, desexualization need not mean the end of sex appeal or the end of reproduction, I suppose.  Whatever.  It's a fight I support, more or less, because I'm just that way.

And now it's drawing near to my inaugural viewing of Allie's rooftop "Freshmart" performance.  My oh my, how I've not lived!

Oh, I also learned of; I really haven't lived!!  Then comes the cheesy why live when you can love?

But first, a few more thoughts.


I've had a fantasy recently, a fantasy that one day, unexpectedly but oh-so welcome, Bitches of Kensington will start flowing again, not like it was (how could it ever be?) but in an evolved state.  I also got to thinking that fuck it if I'm not ever getting on BoK as more than just a commenter.  I should be running it, or something.  Plus when future BoK reunions occur, this petty bitch would appreciate invitation.  Before you get all judgmental, my mother's maiden name is Petty ('s an ancestral trait, all you icy non-engagement heads).  Of course, Allie herself is higher priority than BoK, but they're pretty close.  I also think about her blogging about that creep who just doesn't quit, about what it would be like if she turned the tables and gave me my own medicine.  The possibilities?  Would it be favorable?  These are just the thoughts of a mind swept away yet again by that five-lettered word self-identifier that should have anything but that effect.

Indeed, Allie has carried the torch into the spheres of Twitter and Instagram and Facebook (which I am still on the outside of, most sadly) and Vimeo.  Yet, all these places (Facebook excluded) lack the sentence structure, the more elaborate paragraphs, and the anecdotes that she is capable of.  So BoK and/or Allie written paragraphs make comebacks in my imagination and in my actual dreams with increasing frequency lately.  Yet she's gots to tweet for all the twits with short attention spans.  I was trying to ignite a Youtube comeback but of course she wasn't open for business.  Yet there's another aspect for which revival may be in order.  Let's stop throwing back, and start coming back, already!

  • Anyhow, I owe much of this blog's state of being to Kaela. 
  • I didn't know shit that I now know and I feel like a bigger, better person.  
  • Where have I been? Where Where Where!
  • I think this is the new record for longest blog post of any of my blogs.    

Another question: Whatever happened with Allie and The Thrive Diet?  I think I have been on a Vision Quest, a suburban vision quest, encompassing cyberspace, and we all know what I saw.

Update: Neat  The "Freshmart" concert video reveals a more shouty, sing-speaky side of Allie, yet, more of the same isolationist messages (wrong business for that).  I hear it, I just don't approve and will not so easily relegate myself into a distant memory to be forgotten.  Please, no offense (sounds fair).  Peter DaCunha got his; I want mine.  I at the same age would give him a run in a cuteness smack-down, just truth-tellin'.


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