Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm An Allieholic (or Is It Alliecoholic?).

I was thinking about the below scene earlier today except that it was Allie and me.  Allie was less obnoxious but I knew the blade was still coming.  I was also far less grotesque and creepy but the blade was still coming.  Tarantino is such a bitch.  After all, what happens if you say no?  What happens if you say maybe?  What happens if you say "Your mama!"?  What happens if you redirect the question to her?  What happens if you give her the "quiet/just a moment" finger and take a call from your IRS (real or imaginary) correspondent (I think I made that up) and shoot the shit about Hollywood Hills bathtubs and ponytails?  Do IRS convos make you sexy and ultimately save your

junk?  Anyhow, I've been feeling precarious apparently.

CONFESSION: I started working through the chronology of  Before, I only went through it superficially, scoping photos and videos.  Now I'm reading everything, about Allie or otherwise.  There's a reason they call me salmon jerky (actually they don't).  But I am a jerk to someone all the time.  I crushed a cricket the other day.  My projector screen is an insect killing field.  I raise my screen...then pull it down and, voila, another smashed corpse of an insect.  I'm getting tired of insect bodily fluids staining my screen.  I'm vindictive or, at least, determined for justice, so if you bail on me, I'll bail on you.

CONFESSION: I do the right things for the wrong reasons.  I do the wrong things for the right reasons.  Don't we all, though, to various degrees?  If I tell you why I gave a gift or a donation then you might think lesser of me.  If I tell you why I sneak into movie theaters or break traffic laws then you might think of me as a hero.  I've done my share of dirty downloads but I've also done more than my share of proper media purchases; no easy labels for this bad guy.  When I do bad, I'm awesome.  When I do good, I'm just a selfish jerk looking to get noticed.  Rationalist and Apologist.

I recently rediscovered Allie MacDonald's Vimeo.  She seems to have too, for that matter.  Gone are videos of old, dark blonde/light brown Allie.  That awful Alexandra Daddario stole the more righteous Alexandra's role.  I've only watched that film once, if MacDonald was in it then I would have assuredly watched it at least thrice.  These deletions confirm the new leaf-new style analysis of recent trends.  She also took down a Cockney accented video that she was unhappy with; good call, since she was going on and on about something but I couldn't make heads or tails of it (I meant to give it a second, more careful viewing but it's too late for that).

Unlike her other social media, she doesn't have the "xtensive" following or the reliable 20-80 likes or 1-10 favorites.  Serious viewers only, please.  Don't heart a video or comment if you're not serious (and preferably qualified). 

And where are these scenes coming from?!

jules from Allie MacDonald on Vimeo.

Above: She pulls off some decent angst over the realization that her boyfriend doesn't want her and, what's more, he's homosexual.  If I was doing this, I would underplay the material.

nita from Allie MacDonald on Vimeo.

We got some Divergent series shit going down above.  She's a grunt?!  Wowzers.  What do the sophisticates look like?  Would Allie MacDonald buy this?  That's all.

evie from Allie MacDonald on Vimeo.

She's a natural at doing the awkward yet polite and graceful interview scenario.  She does some interesting listening work here.  The end of this is so disturbing.

I would take any criticism and encouragement from Allie in a heartbeat, just saying.

willa from Allie MacDonald on Vimeo.

I've nothing specific to say about this video.  However, I would like suggest that Allie do some acting exercises.  I challenge her to practice scenes, like this, sitting or standing completely still other than her mouth and eyes.  She can talk and use her eyes but no body language.  I'd also encourage her to act the scene with her eyes closed as well with only the use of her mouth.  When she finds and harnesses the inner delusion and drops the surface intense performance...I can't even imagine but it would be fireworks.


bob lee from Allie MacDonald on Vimeo.

This guy has the goods.  My only criticism is that he could work the eyebrows a little less.  Otherwise, if he drops some of the sex appeal, I can see this guy being the next big thing.  Allie definitely has a good thing going with this guy, whatever that exactly is.

"I like it when you're mad."  Smirk.  I've got no more words. 

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