Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brief Addendum: I'm An Allieholic...

1.  Okay, if I shorten Allie to Al then we get, HEY, ALCOHOLIC!  How perfect is that?

2.  The Allie variant of "Alcoholism" is less severe and has worthwhile benefits.  No support groups necessary or applicable.

3.  Alexandra Daddario is not actually awful.  It's not fair to bash her for succeeding (and for the sake of championing Allie).  That said, if I have to choose between Daddario and MacDonald to push out of the way of an incoming train, well, you already know the answer.  And, no, I'm not gonna let them both be run over (I know some of you are thinking that's another option).

Be OK (Yeah, I just learned of this (clever bitches (no hints))).

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