Sunday, May 17, 2015

An Animal Rescue Blog By Allie MacDonald?

Less than a day after I blog about wanting Allie to be blogging again, she tweeted that she's working on a blog about her animal rescue and fostering.  I wanted to ignore it just like she has ignored me.  However, having seen people suggest ideas that are already existing elsewhere, unmemorable, and one that is definitely catchy but inaccurate, I

could not resist temptation.  You will see my ideas to the right, which don't previously exist.  They're alliterative, symmetrical, accurate, based on research, and I think they're catchy.  Not to mention, she's often referred to the cats as mental, crazy, or insane, so asylum is doubly appropriate with its double meaning (asylum as synonymous with retreat and asylum as institution for the weird and wacky (Allie, anyone?)).  I fear for those who disagree, or deny a good thing when they see it for silly reasons.

You can see that I'm trying to put her at ease about acknowledging me.  I know a star doesn't mean love or even openness to spend time in any capacity, but it would make me feel less singled out.  Granted, I'd love to be singled out in a good way, but not in this way we're my equally good or better ideas are ignored out of some kind of spite, caution, ineffective strategy, or whatever the actual motivations.   

I hope she follows through and I'm eager for any in-depth website/blog that Allie may make.

My Feelings Continued...

Lastly, if my ideas turn out to be the best overall possibilities, it would be a pity if she won't use them because she doesn't want to encourage me.  And what's not to encourage?  What's the worst that could happen if she encourages me?  I have no intention of showing up at her door, her hangouts, or anywhere in person without prior arrangement.  I have no intention to do any more than I'm already doing unless she expresses that interest, for which I still have small threads of hope.  Either way, things are what they are.

The silence is not instructive nor is it effective, evidently.  I'd love her to realize one day how extremely reasonable and considerate I am.  It only takes communication.     

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