Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Will Smith, Motivation, and My Response: Not Much Here

My cousin posted the above image on Instagram yesterday.  I thought about this for some time because I had trouble with it.  Then I flipped it around.  Someone has to be the comer and the stayer.  If you've waited for the right people long enough with no success then maybe it's time to "work hard" to get with that right person.  There's a flip-side to every prohibitive quote.  

Here's one I like better.  When I pursue people, I try to make their lives a little better.  I'll challenge them when needed in the most innocent manner.  Most of my efforts are spent trying to make people happy, confident, or laughing (and weird).  Never underestimate the value of the weirdness contagion.  

This one contradicts the top one in a beautiful way and it is completely permissive and positive. Something can be a someone and there it is.  

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