Monday, April 27, 2015

While I Contemplate Young Drunk Punk's Mark On Television History...

This was a really good weekend for Allie MacDonald.  I was quite happy to read her various social media shares.  The discernible highlights (to me) are an enjoyable evening apparently attending the kick-off of the Kids in the Hall tour ("Van town"?); shopping and dog parks on Sunday, featuring a cool X-Files accessory found at a vintage store; sharing her bread-and-butter guest starring role on the new SyFy series Killjoys (this makes her fourth SyFy appearance); and promoting her friend's web series on Youtube.

CONFESSION:  She is a bigger X-Files fan than me.  I never bought or read the X-Files Season 10 comics.  I never hunted or really wanted X-Files accessories or body art.  I didn't go Twitter crazy when the renewal was officially announced.  I didn't name cats Fox (yeah, that's cute and cuddly, but Mulder may take exception to being beaten up in effigy by Balboa) and Scully (apparently, she didn't choose a name with a literal connection to climbing, highly metaphorical at best (at least I tried)).  They are great names when it comes down to it.  I've always been wholly devoted to the shows themselves (and special features).  However, I've got more skin in the game when it comes to Mitch Pileggi and I get more fired up about the Lone Gunmen.

Fox is unfortunately showing signs of unhealthy development, perhaps illness.  She asked for prayers.  I am sending all the good vibes I can muster Fox's way.  I'm sending Grade-A, organic, farm bureau inspected and certified, FDA-approved, highly nutritious vibes Fox's way.

Lastly, I applied for my Passport this past Friday and I was watching videos on Toronto and Montreal today.  Does destiny lie to the east?  I see that the Kids in the Hall tour is coming to LA, may make for a good excuse to do something in LA besides rush around and take pictures.


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  1. Update:

    "So sad to say that Fox passed away early this morning. He was my special little angel and will be missed."
    — Allie MacDonald (@allielizmac) April 28, 2015

    Fox died in good hands.