Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vitamin A for Allie

A week ago, or so, Allie MacDonald tweeted about stress and hardship from carrying around all her stuff without a car.  I tweeted back a very encouraging suggestion she get a backpack.  Just today (April 13) she posted a picture of herself fulfilling my prophecy with a very nice backpack and matching wardrobe. 

I wonder if I had any influence.  Was it all coincidence?  Did I get through to her and help her commit to a preexisting backpack idea?  Either way, I love living in a world with a backpacking Allie.  Whether she took my tweet to heart or not doesn't change the fact that we both are doing the backpack thing.  Hers may be more stylish but I've been using pretty neat picnic backpacks. 

She also posted a picture without make-up.  I blogged and tweeted recently about my critiques of her heavy use of make-up in recent photo-shoots.  I wonder, yet again, if I had influence there.  Or is it yet another coincidence?  After all, make-up free glamor is sort of the rage in certain circles.  Nonetheless, I can't help but read into these developments a certain level of influence.  If Matilda is pictured with ear muffs that will be the clincher, I will know I had influence.

I have deep love for that look of hers.

Apparently, she had an alone moment in the food court today.  And she's been having troubles with re-accessing her Canadian health benefits.  Allie's human experience is a fascinating one.  Hence, my continued cyberspace ode.

And her mom started following me on Twitter.  Yay.  There was also a favorite that looked like it was unfavorited (perhaps accidentally).  However, another step closer to Allie.

Allie was definitely on my mind in Minneapolis this weekend.  I kept up with the Twitter, not so much the Instagram.  I looked long and hard for the Allie MacDonald kissing booth at The Mall of America...not really.  However, she's one booth I would actually visit.  The upgrade outweighs the degradation.

Allie also recently shared that she's taking acting classes or, at least, took one class.  That's important.  Another thing I've blogged about is my criticism of her acting accomplishment (always with love but nonetheless sobering).  Did I also play some small part in that development?  Her credits and accolades speak for themselves.  Either way, she can only blame her bad looks so much.
I'm not embarrassed for her to know my personal secrets.  Fair-skinned northerners who look great without make-up are my type.  She actually looks better because I can appreciate her natural skin texture.  Seyfried, Witherspoon, and Duff are other fine examples of this principle.  Make-up turns a person into a cartoon.  Skin is sexy, has been for thousands of years.

She's also a great match because she self-identifies as an adult baby.  We share that in common.  I believe baby-like behavior is the fountain of youth (an idea I first had a few years ago).  We both sleep with stuffed animals (her with real ones too, actually the real ones are also stuffed (just with different stuff)).  She also has a penchant for bathroom-themed talk.  I'm less inclined but I can still play her game.  If she's dealing, I'm playing.

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