Thursday, April 9, 2015

Toronto Cheesecake...or Cape Breton Cheesecake

In this post I will be jumping from thought to thought rather abruptly.  I figured I'd give Allie another nod.

I was genuinely moved by Allie's announcements that she has no car and is being weighed down by carrying her stuff.  That's a girl after my own heart.  Sound familiar?  Now for some jokes and wild speculation.

ALLIE ...  ALL In (for) Eternity.  Sure...illa.  Hi-oooooo.


I think Allie is weary of encouraging the male attention because she suspects there's not enough talent appreciation and too much sex appreciation.  There is most certainly sex appreciation.  However, she is certainly more talented than me and every role she does is distinct.  Therefore, there is plenty of acting and singing and all-around performance appreciation.


Granted, she just posted a premium quality cheesecake image on Instagram, establishing once and for all that her variety beats New York style.  She asks the world to look and welcomes loads of heart and that's exactly what she'll get.


She is a lover of Hide & Seek clothing.  I believe this stems from the fact that she hides her heart and we must seek it.  Or maybe I just want to believe.  I definitely wanted to share it.  


It is less than two days from my departure to Minneapolis!  Mall of America, Thunderbird Hotel (Ramada), Mississippi River/University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Grumpy's Bar & Grill, (maybe) Lake Superior, The Foshay and so I come!  Allie will be there in spirit, no doubt.  


Allie is most definitely my "firefly in the night."  She is illumination personified.  I'm not saying she's perfect.  Illumination fades and flickers but it gives us so much while we have it.   


Young Drunk Punk is now following me on Twitter, righteous.  The trend continues. 

Allie MacDonald said and shared enough to confirm our kindred souls.  We're signs intertwined in crumpled pieces of paper.  We're shreds rekindled and reassembled.  We're just what the doctor ordered...and your mother.  We're white on white on right.  We're unquantifiable.  

Her cat posts today inspired yet another gag/joke that I'll be working on.  I must upstage that Karyn Avalon if it's the last thing I do.  Sooner is better though.  That said, I think Karyn and I can be genuine friends.  Only Allie is prisoner to my feelings.  We're sharing the same prison sentence.

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