Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sunblock or Unblock?

I realized this morning that I was unblocked and - thinking back - I think it happened a few days ago.  Anyhow, that got my day to an optimistic start.  I haven't checked to see if my account is un-muted as well, but I figure that it probably is.  However, I've learned my lesson just as I stated, and I meant it when I wrote that I probably would have much fewer things to tweet.  Hence, I don't feel a huge urge to tweet or engage in any way.  Plus, I don't want to push any buttons (get it?).  That being said, favorites and retweets aren't near as demanding as actual words.

I've set some rules for myself and have a new approach.  First, favorites and retweets will be like gold nuggets, hard to get.  I know, I was so easy, practically giving them away, but, hey, Allie is my favorite.  So it's all my favorite, right?  Well, now it's gotta be favorite of the favorite.   She totally knows she's my favorite for the foreseeable future.  Second, mentions will be almost non-existent unless there is something that is impossible to  ignore, such as a question that nobody else can/will answer except me, or if she gets cast in the next Steven Spielberg film in a major part.  Those kinds of things will break my silence.  Finally, I'll definitely reply to her tweets should she ever mention me.

I've made a huge impression: blocked then unblocked.  I don't need to work any harder.  I know that she is perfectly aware of me and what I fancy.  Hence, I leave it to her.  If she wants to indulge in any of my wishes and interests or express her own, then she knows how to reach me.  Other social media habits will continue in the already established moderation.  I also intend to communicate about those remixes when I have something substantial.  I won't become an overnight stranger, I just have clarity now on the limits and what's in good taste.  Her capacity for unsolicited attention is higher than most but it is not unlimited.

Side notes: I will look into using DG Skin Care ALPHA BETA PEELS and ARGAN OIL (my NIVEA FOR MEN just isn't quite perfect).  I also would enjoy seeing her portray a lesbian, maybe I'll put out a Top 5/10 reasons for that later.

See, love-slaves: I'm still standing!     

Update (11:21pm PST): I am indeed un-muted. I faved a tweet that gave me a really nice "wish I was there" image.  I know, what's new?!  Especially this one though!

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