Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I'm a Lover, Not a Follower


Question: Why, in your right mind, did you follow Peter?
Answer:  I was already following the other two and I didn't want him to feel left out.

I tweeted the words of the title to Ms. MacDonald.  It was one of the last (I know; I'm too much to handle).  Indeed, those words represent(ed) my intent and how I wish(ed) to be treated.  I wasn't there to merely be informed but to share and hopefully ingratiate.  If she were to unblock my Twitter account, I wouldn't have much to tweet anyways.  Tweets are like vinegar, a little goes a long way.  There is a unique need to compete for favor and attention on social media, especially when you're trying to impress someone.  Sometimes you feel that you can't just be yourself, you feel like you have to be funnier, wiser, and better in every way.  I'm plenty restrained everywhere else.  This doesn't count as it's not calling directly for attention. 

I'm sure Allie doesn't know it but I sent (so I thought, anyhow, until I got wise a couple weeks later) an email only two weeks after her initial reply.  It was an email proposing much of what I've since proposed on Twitter.  However, I acknowledged that I had her at a disadvantage so I made a video of myself.  I put it on a hidden page on my blog, but it was accessible through a link I included in the email.  I also had updated ideas on the page that contained the video.  Well, I deleted all that because it was going nowhere.  I still want to make videos that she'll see.  I, at least, have more photos up, but there is something invaluable about video.  I just wanted to clarify that I never expected to win any interest in anonymity from behind a screen.

When Allie defiantly tweeted about being "full of great," I wish I had replied with the following (emphasis on the end).  Don't read too much into it.  Her recent tweet about this movie gave me the idea, damn it! 



As a self-professed lover, I've decided that henceforth there will no criticism or any shade of negativity in regards to Ms. MacDonald.  This will instead be an oasis of positivity, encouragement, and, at the very least, neutrality.  I've shared all the constructive criticism that I need to.  From now on, other people can have fun criticizing away: not me, not here.  She called Young Drunk Punk the best show ever; it takes the best to know the best.


I've decided that I want to do some remixes of the Sureilla songs that are already complete.  I want to give them that 80's synthwave/dreamwave sound, and maybe, more broadly, some fusion.  I'm going to ask her for her blessing to share these at some point in the future when they are complete.  There's  nothing like a de facto collaboration to substitute for the real thing.  I think she should be cool with it as it would expand her audience and give her existing work a revival.     

She's been watching another show lately (Dogs With Jobs), and I intend to check it out too.  I've already looked it up on Youtube.  Looks neat and informative.


The best, most consistent part of Allie is her continued dog and cat rescue efforts.  It is this compassion that makes her a hero.  I don't want to be the cops or the reporters who don't get or don't appreciate her.  Hey, she puts the HER in HERO!  If being Allie MacDonald was easy, more of us would be her.


She views Toronto as her primary home and prefers her Toronto bedroom with all its amenities.  However, she seemed more consistently happy in LA, the car was a big part of that, and the new (cancelled) show.  I guess she's not breathing my second-hand air.  I guarantee you all that that's what's missing.  What else could it be?!   

I will always be Allie's fan.  I will watch that next thing and the next and the next.  I will also continue striving to be more than a fan to her.  By the way, can she hook me up with a copy of Trigger Point?  Practically the only thing I still haven't seen.


Allie continues to demonstrate her good taste: The X-Files, Robocop, Harry Potter, and Rocky (I had the first four memorized as a kid, especially loved part II)I wonder if she knows/likes BloodsportBest of the BestDirty Harry?! 

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