Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coming Up!

I'm screening the Young Drunk Punk finale as soon as I can, probably via CityTV to make it "official."  Then I will write and post a season-end review to complement my early season review, in addition to whatever Belindamazements (yeah, I meant to spell that compound non-word that way) I can conjure up.

I must say: I find the title "Vancouver" rather intriguing. That's major mileage for the crew!  Yay for the only Columbia that matters!

Something you should know about me.  I don't watch current TV shows or movies for the first time on work nights, which means Monday-Wednesday for me.  Thinking about work ruins the mood, and I'm already dealing with enough emotional distraction over the long weekends.  I also generally avoid watching movies because I don't like only being able to watch one.  Hence, on work nights, I watch only TV episodes of older shows I wouldn't watch otherwise or I re-watch favorites.  Watching more short shows feels more satisfying than one longer program, probably due to the multiple resolutions enjoyed in a few hours vs. only one resolution.  Sounds like multiple hint-hint, anyone?     

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