Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Young Drunk Punk: Episodes 7-8

Episode 8 is tied for my favorite with episode 4.  Once again, the writers and Allie killed it.  Will Sasso gets in on this action too, a very high honor.  At this rate, episode 12 will be my next favorite.

Episode 7

Lucky Belinda, she gets hit on after doing what a black man would be beaten to death for.

Watch out.

Can't tame what's wild.
Stickin' it to the man.
Working the eyes.

Episode 8

Nothing like the real deal.
Working the earrings.
Will Sasso as Yogi Raymond.
Working it hard.

Never look at girls, unless she wants it.  And Allie wants it.  Belinda?
Such sexy eyes.
The school of life is okay with me if I get to sit next to her.

Let the fingers do the talking.
Raise the roof?  Let's put our hands together?
Who needs wedding dresses when you got outfits like these?  The Allie MacDonald channeling Jane Fonda would-be Yoga look is highly becoming.  I am going to review this on IMDb since the word is getting out slowly then I'm going to share the link with Allie so that she knows I mean business.  Allie MacDonald is my bottom line.

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