Friday, March 13, 2015

Wishing Allie MacDonald Well On Her X-Files Audition

Allie's Twitter: "TrustNo1" tat clearly visible. Pray they notice when I audition for reboot.

Do they CGI those out if they don't like them?  Probably.  Maybe just make-up.

Anyhow, here's a post about her relating to actual film information.  What in the world might she get?  What to go out for?  Not that that means much, as casting directors defy auditioning actors' initial choices quite frequently.  Anyhow, good luck to her.

I hope she gets and posts a video copy of it (like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Baby Daddy auditions).  If she does get it, there's the role itself and possibly audition footage on special features. 

I think all of her roles have been Canadian, I hope Hollywood works out one way or another.  We want her to be here long term.  I sure do.

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  1. I was mentioning her to a writer friend and the first thing they say is this:

    "She doesn't have many twitter followers. Didn't expect that."

    Yeah, I know, compared to the bigger ones. That's how insanely supportive and intoxicated I am. Maybe it's creepy I want to ride shotgun for a dog rescue, maybe. But I think not. Gotta start somewhere.