Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Coincidence of My Carpenteresque Co-worker

Yesterday, as I was leaving Mother's Market in Santa Ana, I was spotted by a senior (not senior citizen) co-worker.  He is a salesman, and works out of his own office.  I say he is Carpenteresque, as in John Carpenter, because he has very piercing, reptile-green eyes, short dark brown hair, and a mustache that somehow all makes for a 70's/early 80's look perfect for a John Carpenter film.  Or a Scott Unfried film, if I ever get around to it.  Maybe I'll take his picture this Tuesday and post it later.

Appropriate to the encounter was the fact that I was listening to John Carpenter's Lost Themes as this was occurring.  I got chills, no, double chills.  First, because any chance meeting with someone you respect is worthy of chills and, second, because of the Carpenter connection.

It's nice to know we both have an interest in healthy food and lifestyle.  He told me before we parted ways that he's always talking to my dad about his healthy foods.  Funny, the things we don't witness and don't know.  I learned something yesterday.

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