Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Peep Show: Mini-Review

This series is a work, based on the first two episodes, exploring the hilarity of secret thoughts, longings, and disappointments.  David Mitchell plays the lead, Mark Corrigan.  His nervous thoughts are relayed to us via voice-over.  I was reminded of comedian Mike Myers just a bit, both voice and look.  The interior dialogue with the, at times, rich situational irony and occasional dramatic irony make for comparisons to Showtime's Dexter, which came three years later.

David Mitchell Mark Corrigan
David Mitchell as Mark Corrigan.
Corrigan is passed over for a promotion by a woman he's attracted to.  The woman, Sophie Chapman, is played by Olivia Colman (the actor from Broadchurch).  There is a push-pull between platonic and sexual, between power and lack thereof.

Olivia Colman Sophie Chapman
Olivia Colman as Sophie Chapman
Another trademark aspect of the show is the extensive use of subjective/point-of-view camera angles. This creates a unique intimacy, which also was later used in Dexter.  

Robert Webb Jeremy Usborne
Robert Webb as Jeremy Usborne
Then there's Robert Webb as Jeremy Usborne.  He starts off as a record producer's desk attendant but quickly finds himself unemployed; he is unabashed in his pursuits of being a musician/music producer; he chimes in on professionals' work when it's not particularly welcome. 

I'm glad I know about this show now.  This apparently had some definite influence on the industry in the past ten years.  There were moments where I was laughing out loud, such as a scene involving bushes and phones and creepiness played for laughs. 

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