Thursday, March 5, 2015

Open Letter: Allie MacDonald

Dear Allie,

     I recently discovered your current Twitter (I know: where have I been?).  I noticed your gym and dad's workplace cell phone requests complaints, thankfully neither category includes me.  That said, I would like you to know that should you feel uncomfortable about any of my entries about you (excluding my favorite films of 2014 so far, which briefly mentions Stage Fright (even if it's technically 2013)), and you contact me directly, I will gladly take them down.  I wouldn't want any of my posts, especially the "I'm Fucking Up" post to embolden unwanted behavior.  However, I do believe these guys are just being guys, and they're at the gym, all pumped up on testosterone.  And these are typically already as aggressive as it gets, really high testosterone, period.  I doubt your Twitter appeals will make an impression on these people.  Plus, I doubt they read this.  You're the kind of woman that men are clearly willing to appear like assholes for.  Yikes.  You have strong skin.   You're an actor, of course you do.  But, nevertheless, interpretations aside, I am offering to remove any undesirable posts.


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