Thursday, March 26, 2015

More Scotty-Head Single-Minded BS About Allie MacDonald


Allie blessed me.  She gave me permission via to unleash that inner Bitch that always wanted to come out and, of course, that sweet bitch in me is oh-so drawn to her.  It's the perfect excuse to insist my male opinions be heard because, hey, I'm a bitch.  So let's just bitch already.

I just bought merchandise that Allie promoted.  That's a concrete gesture that she cannot, with a fair mind, condemn or ignore.  I think my Photoshop-GIF went over well although she dared not betray such sentiment.  I also reached out to my follower Mitch Pileggi to bro-pressure her into opening up.  Hopes aren't too high but it's possible.

Matilda is alright by me because Matilda is her man even though she's a woman--damn, that's complicated.  Matilda is her soul mate for the time being.  However, that does not stop me from my intent of realizing myself as her first human soul mate since the abstinence set in.  I got no beef with Matilda.  Allie enjoys the human attention, apparently, so I'll just keep slathering it on like a madman with a giant spatula and a cauldron full of mush.

Speaking of Matilda ... I tweeted to/about Allie: how does she overcome low points so quickly?  Of course, she already answered my question: Matilda.  Matilda is indeed her rock that gives her strength.  I'd say Allie's resilience breaks down like this: Matilda equals 50%, Mother/Immediate/Closest Family equals 45%, Social Media Friends/Followers equals 5%.  Clearly, Twitter and Instagram are outlets. But all 2000 (her mom, maybeeeeeeeeee) of her followers can't compete with one dog.  That's the fact.

Matildashroom?  Yeah, I put that out there.  Moving on.

Allieshroom?  No no no!  She's too intense as it is; in shroom form she is a medical catastrophe waiting to happen.

I articulated something to myself the other day.  People may think I'm a stalker, I've actually been asked that by a friend.  No no no.  I am simply seeing how far I can get.  That's it.  No conspiracy.  I just want to see how far I can get, hoping that I can go all the way.

Previously, I said that I marked my territory.  That was creepy.  However, I didn't mean it like a dog or a gang but, rather, as a prospector.  I'm mining for value: for words, for attention, for smiles, for validation, and for what Matilda gets (love and affection).  I'm mining.  Mining isn't always easy.  Mining, is in fact, often quite perilous but I have a calling for the time being.  I need to mine.  I need to woo.  I need to try try try.

Too much cosmetics?  Yeah, I'll say it.  Although her beauty defies the horrors of cosmetic cake decoration, she would still look better, as she always has, with some light eye make-up and maybe some light blush/bronzer.  I suppose some powder foundation as well.  That's it.  Lips=not necessary.  Heavy around the eyes=not necessary.  I also miss the dark blonde/light brown but, hey, a bitch's gotta do what a bitch's gotta do.  Her mother approves of the heavy make-up, so who am I against that?  I want to smooch them all, Allie that is.

Last things: the A in Allie is for alpha.  The S in Scott is for submissive.  I got no problem with that.  I think Allie needs to be the dominant one.  That's my perfect woman so long as she's sensitive to my needs and requests.

Then again, egalitarianism, me as dominant, whatever it takes. 


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