Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MacDonald and The Quest for Gold

It's strange that my open letter got more readers than my Life Itself review, the Roger Ebert documentary.  I don't know if anybody is rooting for me out there or what?  But I know the score.

And you're gonna get more on the subject.

Allie is highly committed to her dog activities.  She is in a comfortable, balanced place.  That means, according to human nature, she's going to be resistant to unnecessary changes, such as new people.

However, invariably, things will change, her interests and activities will evolve.  And I want to be there first.  I don't want to witness a change from the sidelines.  That's why I'm pushing toward the front lines.

There's a list of activities I envision sharing with her.  Pho is perhaps my favorite.  I don't think it appropriate to put out my whole list.

I know that I need to do this.  I've got the so-called bug and it's not the kind you squash or take medication for.  

She hasn't outright rejected me yet, so I know there are seeds of hope still.  It would be easier to be a weredog (as in werewolf) although that's not necessarily the exact side of Allie that I'm after.

From her perspective, it definitely has to be unprecedented.  What does she gain?  And I'm trying to answer that and live up to that answer.  I'm basically trying to upgrade my status from fan to friend/collaborator/anything I can get. 

Thanks for reading. 

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  1. Another thing. I got so many questions, and way better and more interesting (depends on the audience, I guess) than those interviewers come up with. Better than even Charlie Rose! Yeah, questions galore. That's how you know you're interested: when your brain is rocketing away with questions.