Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I Left My Heart In Allie MacDonald Land

At the end of last week, Allie MacDonald tweeted that she was going back to Toronto and excited about working with the local cat charity again.  I thought she meant for a few days but it looks like it's going to be indefinite or maybe til next winter, that's when Allie seems to come to LA.  She's already been back and forth between Toronto and LA at least twice before.  I'm not sure if she already left or if she's still packing.  Saturday it looked like it was her last day but then earlier the following Monday it looked like she was still packing.  Either way, she should definitely be gone by the end of the week if she's not already.

I felt like I was losing something.  She was so close and it seemed so easy to meet.  However, she was very busy and otherwise reluctant to indulge in my suggestions so I'm not losing anything but vague possibilities.  I tweeted to Allie that I'm definitely getting my passport soon so that I can explore Canada and hopefully hook up once and for all.

Allie is a struggling actress yet also a working one.   If she wasn't then she wouldn't have roommates aside from the animals (and there are other indicators).  Life for any actor is unpredictable but especially for a struggling one.  It seems that she was mainly in LA for the cancelled sitcom.  Without the sitcom, the practicality of LA evaporated, plus the weather is heating up, which is not Allie's thing.  She'll also have to return to Calgary for the second season production of Young Drunk Punk, probably in Fall/late Summer.  Toronto's generally served Allie well.  Of course, if she does land an X-Files role, she'll be spending some time in Vancouver, another rekindled life.     

As Allie continues to seem distant, friends of hers have gravitated toward me, as have family (to a lesser extent).  I wonder what this all means.  It seems I am making a good impression on her circle at least.  I wonder what that block is and how and when it will be removed.  No matter what, Allie is coasting for now.  And I've been pretty happy about the way things look.

She knows that I fancy a Fall/Holiday excursion.  I fancy Holiday dinners and I fancy a New Years Eve kiss, it would actually be my first.  Could this happen?  Well, it's still only Spring but things would have to move sooner than later.

Regardless of Allie, I will be traveling, especially flying, more consistently during the second half of the year throughout the US and Canada.  Her travels have motivated me to satisfy my own desires once and for all.  My blog, Scene Trip, will be vastly enhanced from a primarily Californian blog to a North American blog.

It's only been two months since Allie MacDonald initially replied to my contact, and two-and-a-half since my original message.  Already much has happened.  I am proud of that.  The fact of the matter is that I am on this girl's radar and that of those around her when I didn't exist only three months ago.  That chokes me up.  I also did my homework on Allie in a way I would not have expected.  I would never have known that she was musically inclined besides the films.  However, there is approximately six months to get my smooch.  I'm sending a message to myself back in time: "Hey, dude, make your New Years resolution a kiss with Allie MacDonald."  Wait, history changed, the resolution is made.  That's how we roll.  That was always the resolution, I just didn't know it.

I'll gladly kiss Matilda and the lot too (somewhere).  I knew how Matilda would've felt if Allie left her in the dust, I saw some of myself in the dog video from Instagram.  Allie is a damn good influence and I hope she gets that.  My blogs and strides wouldn't be as far along without her image on my horizon causing me to give chase.  I'm not just chasing her, I'm chasing my better self.

Who really knows what's going on with Allie MacDonald?  Nobody knows.  What matters is that we try to know.  She'll notice you for it.  I can't buy a plane ticket to Allie MacDonald Land, sadly.  But I can keep flying over and dropping packages into her land and that's the plan.  Maybe she'll send up some flares?

Never forget New Years. 

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  1. It's official, she tweeted that she left today. She's happy that she is hitting her data limit.