Sunday, March 22, 2015

Allie MacWho?????


Want Allie MacDonald's microphone? The above (and below) are various versions of the same model.

No, I haven't forgotten nor denounced the creature from the creamy white fluff 'n' fold from the lovers' laundromat of my dreams.  Yeah, I'm stretching out the images because I need too.  I'm planning, envisioning, and will be creating a Photoshop monument to this one and only self-identified sensation.  Indeed, she stirs the senses.  She also shakes them, for that matter.  And I'm looking to shake her brains loose.  I'm going to make her 5-year adult career look and feel like 10 years.  I'm drawing from so many sources that I can barely comprehend.  My interests and her interests shall be intertwined in this violation of the laws of physics.  And yes, she knows this is coming.  She's been forewarned.  Nothing like some anticipation to keep me in the thoughts.  Nothing like mystery and suspense, ultimately amounting to intrigue for the soul.

I sent Allie my Score: A Hockey Musical review on Saturday morning, which means I basically sent her my history of infatuation blogging (since the Allie link is plainly visible).  However, I always suspected that Allie MacDonald follows this blog and perhaps some of my others.  Perhaps I'm mistaken but I just have a feeling combined with some circumstantial evidence combined with knowledge of whom I've shared this with that are close to Allie.  Either way, sending the review (blog) had no discernible ripple effect.

I've been watching the singer-songwriter Youtube videos again tonight.  Geez, I can't get enough of those.  I don't even want to say how often I watch them, which should give you an idea.  It's like brushing my teeth.  Dental hygiene for the soul?  Rubbish.  But it's good.  As Allie engages in photo shoots and all the other madness of the industry, I work my magical and maniacal mojo of madness to the point of Mr. Universe pectoral explosions and deltoid eruptions.   

And yes, you are seeing ads.  It didn't happen as I initially anticipated but I like what I found and implemented better.  More are to come.  I've got things in the works for Allie, nice things, many public, that will demonstrate my awareness and attentiveness beyond that of any other admirer.  With Allie, it seems, it's better to go too far than to play it safe.

I can guarantee this: she likes the attention but it's the need that will ultimately win her.  She reminds me a great deal of a non-celebrity crush from years back.  The love of dogs, the social media, the non-professional/personal shares, the selfies, the constant experimentation with hair, the tattoos, and the moods.  However, Allie's zodiac sign is a near perfect match with mine and as the celestial bodies align proper, a spontaneous combustion of nuclear romance should be airing on all major networks throughout the Southland.  Dallas Raines and Doppler 7000 verified!       


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