Sunday, March 15, 2015

Allie MacDonald's Reinvention

The confessional continues.

Allie came to Los Angeles, but not simply to experience it and vacation this time.  She's starting anew.  She has a new IMDb cover shot, a first Screen Actors Guild card, and her Twitter base is growing, and I so know that it's all because of yours truly.  Well, maybe not all.

Anyhow, after pushing the boundaries of her personal life and trust a little, I am pleased that I haven't been blocked or ostracized.  Who knows?  It could happen.  One party I was worried about actually gave me positive Twitter feedback this morning, and possibly encouraged Allie to pay attention.

Nothing is "official" for my Allie MacDonald Admirers-Turned Companions goal (AMATC (hey, not bad)).  They have yet to issue me my membership card, but Virgos supposedly take their time warming and opening up, and she does demonstrate awareness and approval in cyber-spurts.

As she strives, presumably, to go beyond what she could achieve in Toronto, so I strive to go beyond what I could without her.  I know she definitely likes LA, but I doubt she loves it as some do.

New Cover Photo

Her new photo indicates a desire to leave the girl behind, and show a brave womanly face in its place.  Between you and me, the girl is still very much there, even with the tattoos.  The lady, who wore her broad hat at the beach (thank God for various reasons) still betrays the girl.  Singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the car betrays the girl.  Announcing everything with "bitches" and "hookers" betrays the girl!  So my proposal hopefully will be embraced by the girl.  Virgos need time to mull it over, so that she will get.  Although a simple acknowledgment that she's thinking about it would move mountains at this point.

Did I never tell you that I am an "Honorary Bitch" as granted by the originals.  Perhaps I will be full Bitch one of these days, haha.  Soon this blog may have ads.  I will try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible.  But some day I may be saying: "Got paid for my blog.  It's official, bitches."  Just like her.  Professional blogger?  Why not?  It's a scummy job and someone's got to do it.  Like winning Allie over, a huge hurdle for anybody, more so for me, but someone's got to do it, and I take pride that that someone is me.

She'll be drinking the Kool-Aid up in full gulps in time.  She's already sipping it and my Kool-Aid is the best shiznit ever!  The master plan shall unfold and LA shall gasp in disbelief.  Wait, what tangent am I going off on?  Allie's all mine, I marked my territory, and nobody shall cross lest they desire the undesirable.  Dogs excluded from retaliation.

Signing off.

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  1. Given Canada's penchant for Hockey and the Los Angeles Kings' record for the past five years, is there a connection there as well? Probably just coincidence. But imagine, LA's got it.