Sunday, February 15, 2015

sureilla: the dark side of allie macdonald (or can I just call you al?)

Get one step closer to that Sureilla sound with the Novation Launchpad.

I know you're all super tired of Allie MacDonald.  And, like, what the hell?  This is music.

Indeed, MacDonald is one letter away (McDonald's) from being bad for you in that fat and cholesterol sort of way, ironically (clearly-absolutely-mostest assuredly for realsies her message to us).  She may look good and juicy but you'll regret it.  Well, I don't eat at McDonald's, but MacDonald is on the menu for sure.  Ewww.     

Yup, I took my medicine and listened to all the sureilla tracks as if they were one big album.  The voice here is staggering.  What it says to me:  KEEP OUT, ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, BEWARE OF DOG, DANGER.  There is a reference to self as "whore."  Many songs are about an emptiness and a femme fatale time-loop of interpersonal wreckage.  Being alone is the best solution for all.  As is sleep and death (if only).  Fight this warning and you're like cows going into the Slaughterhouse (caps intentional), then she may have to eat you up to do away with the evidence.

WAIT.  BACK UP.  Singing sad songs makes Allie a cannibal now?  Of course not.  Thankfully, she's been working on a comedy show: Young Drunk Punk.  A post on this show is forthcoming.

Honestly, I'm a sucker for "old days" Allie, singer-songwriter sort of-extraordinaire, with all her mid-to-uptempo strumming.  Still fundamentally filled with sadness yet less dark.  But you gotta stick with them through ups and lows and everything in between.  You gotta appreciate their growth as people and artists.  She can't help it.  Neither can I.    

I would add more propulsion to future sureilla/Allie songs.  I would also add some sound effects of lions ripping up meat (that's just the beginning of the symbolic ripping and shredding and tearing) since that can only emphasize the tormented sentiments of the sureilla persona.

However, there's the song, "All I Wanna Do":  All I wanna do is love you.  Sounds alright by me!

I would totally drop $10 or even $20 to suck this material up in a live performance.  But I would prefer to contribute to the aura of sadness than to simply be steeped in it.  Better to give sad messages than to receive them.

Dr. Diabolical sees Allie her heartbreaking confusion and raises her 365 days of diabolical she-bitch laughter as penance.

After all, you gotta love it when every song is tagged "bullshit" by the artist.   

I'm blind! I'm blind!  Oh, the light!  First rate bitch (the good kind, judgmental types) for sure.


  1. So, I was stewing on this spectacular post and I realized two things I would want.

    First: Form a She & Him type group with Allie.
    Second: Allie needs to team with Zooey for a "She & Her" group. Smooches.

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