Friday, February 13, 2015

Pushing Genre

Many people complain about the repetitive nature of the movie and television business.  These same mofos aren't making time for the lower gloss output that is more original.  They want their gloss with their originality.  No problem with that.  Why not have your brains and your lip gloss too?

The thing is--what we really want--you need to change the genre of your life.  You need to push the originality factor of your life.  We all should try new things and do our best to make reality out of those fleeting glimpses of possibility.  Forget the movies, direct your own life for a change.  Seek and build relationships.  Cut out.  Duck out.  Stake out (what?).  Turn that far out idea into an actual proposition.  Grab attention.  Don't let people off easy.

Don't let routine rule your days.  Rule your routine.  Show that accursed timeline who's boss.  Quit bitchin' about the movies and push the boundaries of your life.  What's a great movie in a middling life?  Whereas, what's a middling movie in a great life?

Post-millennial reality gives us the tools and the permission to blow people's hair back.  Blow their minds.  Blow blow blow.  Blow.  Blow again.  And blow.  Then blow.  Hold...blow.  Wait for it...blow.

Ask her.  Ask him.  Ask them.  Give them the pleasure of receiving you.  Make yourself receivable.  Improve.  Change.  Be changed.  Ever changing.  Take out your pen or put on your thinking cap.  Plot the scenes.  Track the logic.  Run through it.  Criticize.  Make it better.

Submit it.  Sometimes the only green light necessary is a simple: "Yes, let's do that.  Let's work out the details."

Write those scenes.  Cast those scenes.  Change your cast.  Expand your cast.  Change your role.  Expand your role.  Direct.  Produce.  Edit.  Turn on the lights.  Change the lenses and filters.  Smile.  Laugh.  Hold hands.  Stroke hair.  Save lives.  Congratulate.

Dream,  Write.  Persuade.  Act.  Direct.  Be.  In the moment.  In time.  With those around you.  For those around you.  

Adopt a "Fuck you" position.  Not through the wealth of money but through the wealth of friendship.  Through the wealth of uncensored love.  Don't learn to love, learn how to be with those you love.  Be flexible.  Be outrageous.  Be happy.  Be overjoyed.

"Get back to work!"  Fuck you.  "Don't do that!"  Fuck you.  "Freeze!"  Fuck you.  When you have the wealth of love and friendship then you are in the ultimate FUCK YOU position.

Most of us are fucked, living sorry lives devoted to material wealth.  But get this, make the right friends with the right love, and you may find your material wealth growing.  It's called networking.  Not enough of us do it.  Yet materials are cold.  People are warm.  Embrace.  Move.  Express.  Crash land.  Crash.  Impose.  Present a rose.  Give water.  The transaction of love and friendship is infinitely more meaningful than the transaction of money.  Also more than the transaction of sounds and images.  Materials need love more than love needs materials.  Wham, bam, thank you mam!  Scream it.  Shout it.  Yell it.  Feel it.  Suck it.  Rub it.  Stroke it.  Live it.  Tickle it.  Nibble it.  Noogie it.  Throw it back.  Lap it up.  Soak it up.

Make your life new and exciting and original.  Change routines.  Eradicate expectations.  Eliminate the status quo.  Shout from the rooftops, "I WANT YOU!  I WANT IT ALL!  AND IF I DON'T GET IT.  WELL FINE, I'M GONNA KEEP ON CHARGING FORWARD."  Be sweet .  Be gentle.  Be calm.  Listen carefully.  Enjoy it.  If you don't, leave as fast as you can and seek that which brings you joy.  Hold it.  Respect it.  Pour syrup and sugar and mint and vanilla all over it.  Lick it clean.


If you can't smile, turn away as fast you can.  Say, "Fuck off to it."  Keep going.  Find your passions.  Interject.  Be there.  Better to watch only than to miss out entirely.  Appreciate.

Write.  Act.  Direct.  Pitch.  Make every day Valentine's Day, if necessary.  Do that crazy thing.  Offer love.  Offer support.  Offer a happy ending.  Offer the fundamentals of companionship.  Offer.  Offer. Offer offer offer.

Change your genre.  Change your movie.  Change your cast.  Change your role.  Crash scenes.  Apologize and ask what you can do.  Offer something.  Change your offer.  Take advantage of resources.  Push the limits.

Say yes.  Earn a friend for life.  Earn a promoter.  Earn the biggest back end one can earn.  Rejoice in that rain of dividends.  Cherish beauty.  Offer beauty.  Reflect.  Brandish.  Insist upon it.  Demand it.  Copy and give credit.  Don't plagiarize.

Do every position imaginable.  Change it up.  Freshen it up.  Be open to orgies.  Be open to exclusivity.  Insert.  Receive.  Nod.  Approve.  Tremble.  Quiver.  Shiver.  Sigh.  Feel.  Crouch.  Swing.

Sing "Jingle Bells."

Put a ring on...

Change.  Evolve.  Refuse bullshit.  Embrace meaning.  Compete with your favorite characters.  Say, "Fuck you."  I'm gonna win better and be happier.  Pursue relational wealth.  Make time for good times.  As much as possible.  Spread it around.  Do do do.  Act act act.

 Smile.  Laugh.  Live.

Live the movie you really want to see. I know I'm starting too.

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