Friday, February 13, 2015

Personal Rejection: Not a Film Post, A Life Post

I saw a moderately cute blonde at the Fresh 'N' Easy.  Platinum blonde or bleach, not sure.  Pale.  This was our second encounter to memory.  She gave me a look.  She smiled.  I nodded.  Now, I'm not going to ask her out.  Not a righteous move.  But if she were to ask me out, I would not reject her outright.  I would ask her if she wanted to team up with me in my pursuit of the real one, and I would help her pursue any other guys on her list.  Turn that rejection into an ally, a collaborator, a team member.  Turn it into an opportunity for solidarity and organized effort.  Pursue the orgy of your dreams with that would-be very sad boy or girl.  Recruit them.  Make them feel useful.  Let them be around you.  Let them help.  Turn love into force. Of course, if she refuses, she has no business being around you. 

Fuck yeah.    

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