Monday, February 9, 2015

Cody Carpenter

I knew Cody Carpenter (son of legend John Carpenter) when I was at UC Santa Barbara.  He is apparently now going by John Cody Carpenter.  It was magical for like five seconds.  He got homesick for Los Angeles and transferred to Pepperdine about halfway through our first year.  Funny, both colleges are practically right on the beach.  We were Music Composition students at the College of Creative Studies.

I was sad to see him go.  Of course, I couldn't really fully appreciate him without thinking about the connection to his father.  The degree of separation.  I almost want to cry (oh, shut up, Scott!).  But he wasn't fleeing me and he clearly had a thing for his paps, since he brought up the subject once, testing my knowledge by playing passages at the piano and challenging me to identify them, when I was avoiding such invocations.

It was a thing, apparently, to get homesick for LA in Santa Barbara, as another young man, a tall Hawaiian, with a thick braid, from my freshman dormitory, also transferred to Pepperdine University during the same year.  We had one special evening where we improvised music, him strumming guitar and me on clarinet.  This Angelino Hawaiian and I ran into each other at the Amtrak and we talked the whole way, about deep things, for the two hour stretch down to Los Angeles.  I had to get down to Anaheim, two more stops--another hour--without the pleasure of his company.  I have no idea where he is now.

However, I did see something in Cody Carpenter that I liked the first time I saw him (not knowing his Hollywood lineage).  I liked his big curly hair, reminiscent of the seventies.  I learned of his Hollywood lineage from my Professor/Academic Advisor/Tutor, Jeremy Haladyna, an awe-inspiring talent and all-purpose music man; I was praising John Carpenter and Haladyna dropped the details!  Kismet?  How appropriate, right?  If I had a lost bromance that could've been, it would be Carpenter.  Carpenter did eventually gravitate to me but it was a short-lived send off, for all intents and purposes.

A few years ago when I decided to catch up on the Masters of Horror mini-series, I noticed that Cody did the music for his father's installment.  I was so pumped that I knew him from UCSB.  I found and added him on Myspace and he confirmed.

Anyhow, I'm posting this SCI-FI/HORROR film score-styled music that he's been working on.  If you read this Mr. Carpenter: may the bromance resume and possibly lead to a brorgy!  Get it?  Haha.

I love you man.  You're a spine tingler!

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