Monday, January 5, 2015

Locke: A Unique Cinematic Accomplishment

Locke is a masterwork of understatement.  It's scintillating cinematic minimalism.  Bold claims out of the way, I was mesmerized by the confidence of this film.  The whole film takes place in a car with some aerial/exterior road shots for visual relief.  At the beginning we see him exit the place he works.  He makes and receives various calls during which he must deal with personal and professional issues.  He has to deal with some heavy stuff but he always remains very calm and cool like a soothsayer, his voice rarely wavers.  It is surreal how composed he is during these stressful calls but then he has these private moments of catharsis.  Much of the film has the effects of a very dark comedy, if you come from a certain point of view like me but it is ultimately a drama.  

This is a film almost without music.  The only moments of score occur during some catharsis scenes, some traffic footage, and at the climax and end credits.  Otherwise, the drama and suspense hold up without music for most of the film.  This is not a one of those films that's wooden without the score.

Who knew concrete pouring could be so epic?! I also love that there is a character named Gareth.

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