Friday, December 26, 2014

Amendment to 2011 Favorite Films

Tom Cruise

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol: Roger Ebert called this film poetry (as it pertains to its genre).  Why not.  Question mark intentionally dropped, more of an observation.  Hollywood's set piece involving the Burj Dubai is phenomenal, particularly as an acrophobia-head.  The ensuing sandstorm is further sandsational insanity.  Quite simply, there is much fun to be had.  The gadgets, the cat fight, and the action hero sentimentality are all here.  The real mission impossible: pleasing everyone.     

Robert Pattinson

Water for Elephants: A mesmerizing mood piece that offers satisfaction.  It's depiction of period, a rail-driven circus company, and a love triangle are all absorbing--that's not mentioning the love for animals on display--then there is the eye candy of the cast and locations.  Steam trains on film will never get old and this may be Pattinson's best film to date, certainly my favorite.  I think this would go rather well with another 2011 crowd-pleaser: Hugo.  Magical.

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