Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ending of Inception

There are many ideas about the ending of Inception. I believe that the inception worked, I believe they are all back in the real world and I believe that Cobb did successfully make it back to his kids in America. Having said that I know some people believe that the whole thing is a dream, or he is still dreaming- interpretations which I believe are intriguingly false. Of course the whole movie is a dream because it is a fictional film as all non-documentary films are. Having said that- I believe it works out for Cobb because the children at the end are played by older actors and the top barely starts to crumble in the last frames. Those are my practical reasons.

Many people have claimed that the ending is very surreal and dreamlike. It is as if it is too good to be true. And that dreamlike quality I now believe is the greatest strength of the film. This is a man whose dreams and reality became very tangled and confused. His dreams became his reality and his reality long gone became his dream. Hence the dreaminess of the ending means...

The ending is his dream come true. He finally got back to the reality of his kids in America - his American dream.

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